Desired Life Of a Chastity Slave

slave caged has always wished it could be a slave husband to an extremely strict 
Goddess / Mistress. completely owned and totally controlled forever. certainly not the life for every male. but it is the life slave caged has desperately desired all it’s life.

will you be my slave forever

what should a lowly slave say to a superior female when asked be my slave forever? well as we all know lowly slaves are not allowed to think for themselves! a slave should get on it’s knees kiss the superior females feet. and say thank you Mistress / Goddess for taking an interest in this lowly slave,slave will gladly wear tour chastity cage and plug /dildo as Mistress /Goddess’s owned and controlled slave forever…
keep in mind this refers only to those lowly inferior slaves that are free and unowned

Trained to suck cock

slave caged has come to learn that it doesn’t matter what it likes or doesn’t like it is nothing more than a lowly slave. slave has no rights and cannot refuse.slave caged became owned on 1 / 4 / 2015 and locked in chastity on 2 / 3 /2015. slave has been locked since except for the few times it has been allowed release but no cumming. slave has come to the point that it would do absolutely anything for relief. when slave first surrendered itself into slavery it did not take it’s owner seriously when she said slave would be trained as her cuckold. slave has learned as time has passed never to doubt a superior woman. over the last four years slave has had it’s right to wear clothing indoors, is forced to be plugged from the time it awakens to the time it goes to bed. and slave must crawl around when indoors.
slave must spread it’s legs giving full view of it’s chastity cage when answering the front door. slave must also wear a cock gag and is not allowed to speak at all. slave has stressed numerous times it does not want to suck cock,but slave is told that it does not know if it likes it as it has never done it before.

Complete Ownership

slave caged craves total and complete ownership by a strict superior Mistress / Goddess in a 24/7/365 relationship. slave must never be allowed to choose or decide, slave should have no rights. slave desperately begs to be trained to obey using whatever methods necessary to install total unquestionable obedience


chastity slave caged just can’t seem to appreciate the idea of being trained as a cuckold chastity slave. the idea of another man penetrating slaves superior female owner while slave would never even be considered to be allowed to do such a thing the bad thing is slave will have to suck the bulls cock to clean him . and the suck his cum out of Mistress / Goddess. as this would be slaves duty as an owned and controlled slave

Desperate To Serve

chastity slave caged is nothing more than a lowly male slave. slave desperately wishes nothing more than to serve a superior female will to train slave using whatever means necessary to control every aspect of slaves life. slave must accept the fact it’s only purpose is to please the superior female without question. slave must accept that total slavery to a superior female is simply it’s only purpose in life. simply put slave caged must accept it has no rights of choice or decision. only superior females have the right to choose and decide for lowly male slaves like chastity slave caged. slave must never be allowed to think for itself. slave caged must never speak without the express permission of a superior woman.
slave should never be allowed any sexual pleasure whatsoever,never!slave must learn that only the superior female is to have pleasure. slave should be kept strictly bound,locked in it’s one inch steel chastity cage and dildo’d every waking moment. chastity slave caged desperately wishes to serve a superior woman in this manner.